You can learn a lot about a woman from the stuff she keeps on her desk. 

As the co-founder of Silver Spoon Attire (the London-based label she runs with her husband and longtime collaborator, Damien Collins) and personal stylist to some of the best-dressed women in music, it's no surprise that Avigail Claire's desk tells the tale of a diverse - and seriously colourful - career. From the all-access pass to RiRi's Diamonds tour (a client, obv) to the lookbooks from her own collection, the trinkets on Avigail's desk illustrate her unique aesthetic: sexy, hyper-feminine, and super-kawaii. But don't let the kitchsy pen and Hello Kitty mask fool you: there's nothing fluffy about Avigail's hustle as designer, stylist, and now mama-to-be: The Prada show invite, car keys, and assortment of essential notebooks show that Ms. Claire is very much a woman about her business.

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