Office essentials:  The Handbook ,  Glossier  lighter,  Soulection candle  (and accompany soundtrack)

                                    Office essentials: The Handbook, Glossier lighter, Soulection candle (and accompany soundtrack)

I used to be one of those people who couldn't work with any form of background noise. When I'm writing something 'serious' like a longform feature, that's still the case - lyrics are too distracting when you're trying to form print-worthy sentences. But as the nature of my day-to-day work has changed (slightly less writing; lots more meetings, conversations, researching, and, yes, tedious admin, than there used to be) I've come to rely on music to help me pace my way through it all. 

Like most of us, I don't have time to scour streaming platforms and music blogs to find the perfect soundtrack to my day – which is where Soulection comes in. I've been following the LA-based label and radio show since their early days on Long Beach college radio, and it has been a pleasure to watch them evolve to the hugely successful, Beats 1-endorsed platform that they are today (not least because Director of Global Strategy and Communications Jacqueline Schneider is a good friend of mine, and a longtime supporter of The WW Club. Hi love!)

If you're not already familiar with Soulection, I'm pretty confident that you won't be listening to anything else for the next few weeks: the weekly radio shows are a pitch-perfect mix of 'future beats, eclectic soul, forgotten gems' as the tagline goes, plus great interviews by host Joe Kay (who has a soothing radio voice if ever I heard one). I recently introduced my office mate Madeline Poole to the show, and we've listened to nothing else ever since.

Sound good? It is good. And the best part - you've got 200+ archived shows to catch up on. Enjoy!


P.S. Because the Soulection team are an endlessly creative bunch, they've also just launched a really nice product line called Soulection Supply that includes the candle pictured above, plus a bunch of other goodies. Check it out.