1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A

1. Los Angeles, it feels good to be back! We're so excited to be here that we added an extra, last minute event to The WW Club Events Calendar. If you're a westsider, come to Venice boutique-of-dreams LCD next Saturday to listen to a live Q&A between myself and founder Geraldine Chung and enjoy some free brunch and shop everything in the store at 10% off if you're an official member of The WW Club (we're also signing up new members and giving out v. rare IRL gifts). RSVP here!

2. There are also a handful of tickets left for our live Q&A (slash unofficial festive cocktail party) with LPA's powerhouse founder, Pia Arrobio at Ace Hotel Downtown LA tomorrow. Get yours here.

3. Got a work fetish? I think I might have one, too. And while I'm a big believer in the pleasures of a hard day's work, I agree with the sentiment of this article in The Guardian on why (and how) we should all be striving for a little bit more balance in our lives and schedules. What are your thoughts?

4. More on this theme: 'Leisure, The Basis of Culture' via Brainpickings. Here's to a more sane, healthy, and happy mix of business and pleasure in 2017.

5. Still struggling to process your thoughts, feelings, plan of action and outlook in a post-election world? Don't worry, Tavi has done it for you. Spectacularly, as always. Read her latest editor's letter here.

6. Like Tavi's letter, this article explores our relationship with social media and why the election has made so many of us feel the need to create some rules and boundaries around it. (More on this from me next week).

7. A good way to fill the festive downtime that's hopefully coming your way: The New York Times 10 Best Books 0f 2016(because really, who needs more than ten?) Colson Whitehead's 'The Underground Railroad' is top of my personal reading list. 

8. "Now is the time to remember that “women” does not equal white women. “Women” must mean all women... Now is the time to stop suggesting that sexism was absent in the election because white women did not overwhelmingly vote for Clinton. Misogyny is not the sole preserve of men." Chimamanda writing it like it is, as always, in The New Yorker.

9. One thing I've learnt this year: running a business entirely alone is frazzling work. But does teamwork always make the dream work? Fortune explores.

10. Yesterday's DAPL news was an incredible victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Activism works, yo! I've loved Teen Vogue's #AskANativeAmerican Girl series over the past few weeks - watch this video of five Native American girls talking about why they're proud of their culture. What a beautiful, inspiring, and dignified culture it is. 

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