MAKE IT WORK 2017 is a set of seven worksheets created to help you review the year gone by, clarify your goals for the year ahead - and stay on track along the way.

The download includes:

W O R K S H E E T  # 1  

2016 In Review

Take stock of the year gone by. Identify sources of joy, creative drains, and time bottlenecks.

W O R K S H E E T  # 2

$ $ $

How did you make money in 2016? Where did you spend it? How are you gonna make more in 2017?

W O R K S H E E T  # 3

2017: The Big Goals

It's the little things - and the not-so-little things as well. What are your 'BIG THREE' goals for the year ahead?

W O R K S H E E T  # 4

2017 In Quarters

Businesses plan in quarters, and you should do. 

W O R K S H E E T  # 5

The Quarterly Review

Every three months, reprint this sheet and use it to review what you've done so far - and what you need to do next.

W O R K S H E E T  # 6

2017 - Month By Month

A topline overview of the way you'll breakdown your BIG THREE goals on a monthly basis.

W O R K S H E E T  # 7 2017 - Week by Week

Identify the Most Important Thing you want to get done each week - and then make it happen.

Plus a 'How-To' sheet featuring guidelines on how to complete each section.


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