1. Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of living in New York. Here are some things I've learnt about work (and life) over the past twelve months.

2. On Wednesday, I'll be live streaming my first online mentor session - aka Group Hang - with Vice Media's Executive Creative Director, Amel Monsur. Amel will be answering questions sent in by our members as well as taking any others that come in during the stream. Swing by our Facebook page to tune in (and please feel free to 'Like' us while you're there :)

3. Happy Halloween! While we're facing the scary shit in life face on, here's how to reframe your fear of failure. 

4. Dressing up as Donald Trump or the ZIKA virus is one thing; feeling like a fake in your own skin is quite another. Some helpful tips on overcoming the dreaded Imposter Syndrome.

5. Some of you may know that I'm the New York columnist for the British bimonthly publication Courier, which tells 'stories of modern business'. Read my past three columns here. (Well, if you can't plug your work in your own newsletter, where can you...)

6. If you're the kind of person who's already doing, or even thinking about, your Christmas shopping a) kudos to you and b) Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas seems like it would make a lovely gift. Twenty six maps of the city, including one of its notable women!

7. I've long been a believer in seeking mentorship among your peers - that's pretty much what The WW Club is all about -  and Ann Friedman clearly is, too. Read her eloquent case in The Cut. P.S. Fun fact: Ann is one of the women featured in the Insights section of The Handbook and also spoke at The WW Club: Making It Work L.A last summer.

8.  It's never too late to be what you might have been. Hanna Rosin writes on starting out in a new field in your 40s.

9. Or, you know, you could just aim to retire at 40. Bloomberg Businessweek has some examples of people who've done just that.  Even more mindboggling: Here's a couple who pulled it off at 31 (and want to teach you how to do the same).

10.  S.A.D. already kicking in? Get some wanderlust inspiration via The New York Times' list of 20 Places to Travel in your 20s.