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1. Hopefully you're feeling slightly sunnier on this Monday than you were around the same time last week. It's almost Thanksgiving here in the US, and now seems like an apt time to focus on gratitude. Here's an archived post from the blog on the ways that being thankful can actually help you work.

2. One thing I'm feeling grateful for this week: an impending visit to my old home of Los Angeles. Obviously, The WW Club is coming with me: Get tickets to hear me in conversation with the powerhouse behind fashion label LPA, Pia Arrobio at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. If there's anyone who'll put a smile back on your face (and some pep in your step) it's Pia. 

3. More positive news: The WW Club podcast is back! I sat down with Hannah and Marian Cheng, the brilliant sisters behind NY's most stylish (and delicious) dumpling spot Mimi Cheng's to celebrate their new location and find out the secrets to their success. 

4. Even more positive news: our friends Krissy and Chloe just open the second location of their wonderful studio, Sky Ting Yoga. The new spot is in a gorgeous, airy space in Tribeca and features a yogadome, among many other delights. A great place for restoring a much-needed sense of zen.

5. I know I go on endlessly about Zadie Smith but seriously, my admiration for this woman knows no bounds. Here she is being v. eloquent on the subject of social media anxiety in last week's Lenny letter: "A lot of the social platforms provoke feelings in me I simply don't enjoy. For a moment I am flattered, falsely puffed up, briefly amused, painfully hurt, or infuriated. I accept it feels different for other people, but I have to gravitate to the things that really interest and excite me while I'm alive." 

6. More great news from across the pond: One of my oldest London pals Sharmadean Reid just opened her WAH Nails Salon of the Future in the heart of Soho. If you a fly gyal, get ya nails done...

7. ...and then maybe take yourself down to Quilombero - the new opening from another Friend of The WW Club, Missy Flynn (formerly of Rita's, where we host our food industry-focused panel discussion last year) and her partner Gabriel Pryce. Expect Italian-Argentine cuisine in a gorgeous space on the East India Docks.

8. It's that time of year again: the seasonal gift guides are upon us. Might I suggestion a membership to The WW Club for the special woman in your life (especially if that means you)? The current sign-up period is only open for another week! 

9. Success stories and pretty pink cards aside, that election still happened. Yep, it definitely did. And the majority of white women definitely voted for Tr*mp. They really did. Here's a thought-provoking read from Elle on the ways in which black women were woefully (and catastrophically) ignored by the DNC. 

10. On that note, you may still not quite in the mood for nails, cocktails, dinners, festivities, and generally pretending everything is OK. I feel ya. You need a rest. So have one. No ifs, buts, or maybes.


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