You might've noticed that we've switched up our newsletter format a little bit, and given it a brand new name. Dubbed 'Mondays Are Fine' (as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous t-shirt slogan below, because we do love a tongue-in-cheek reference around here), the new newsletter will round-up a selection of links/articles/objects/references (and maybe the occasional gif) to help you start the week on a strong note. No job-hating allowed around here.

Rest assured that the links in the newsletter will frequently take you back to this blog, where I'll continue to post original articles, podcasts, and other good stuff. In celebration of a new format, a new season, and an all-new chapter of The WW Club, here are some ideas for having a good Monday–every Monday.

Wishing you all an excellent week!


Self-employment/running your own business inevitably means waving goodbye to the idea of a proper weekend and ergo makes the concept of a 'Monday morning' somewhat redundant, for better or for worse. But the reality is that Monday is when the world goes back to work, and it's worth riding the energy wave with comes with it. To do so, you need to make sure that you take at least one full day off each weekend in order to hit the reset button like everyone else.

If you choose to take off Saturdays, you can allocate Sunday to more low-key tasks like research, email catch-up and planning. That way you'll still feel like Monday is the chance to start anew. If you prefer to make Sunday itself your day of rest, do it justice by leaving your phone at home for a few hours and allowing yourself to totally zone out at home. 


However you choose to structure your weekend, dedicate a little bit of time to preparing to start the official work week on a clear and focused note. Tidy your apartment, stock up your fridge (order online to avoid the weekend supermarket scrum) and review your to-do list for the week ahead. Before you go to bed on Sunday, make sure you know exactly where you're going on Monday morning (a meeting? Your office? The desk at the end of your bed?), and what you're going to do when you get there.


If you're lucky enough to set your own schedule, try to dedicate Mondays to the aspects of your job you like best. Whether that's writing in complete solitude, taking meetings with potential collaborators, or sketching/designing in peace, make Monday the day you allocate to focused creative work before the rest of the week's obligations take control. If you have the flexibility to do so, consider spending Monday working from the comfort of home or your favourite coffee shop. It's a pretty nice way to ease into things.


Mondays tend to be the day of the week when we're post likely to embark on gruelling fitness regimes or commit to an insane productivity schedule (inevitably resulting in a 'Fuck It' Friday, when such Dracononian measures inevitably go out of the window). Instead of forcing yourself to go running at 6am on Mondays, why not start your week with a chilled walk in the park? Or save your workout for another morning entirely, and treat yourself to an early morning breakfast ritual at your favourite cafe instead? All too often, we treat pleasure as self-indulgence - especially at a time of week which we've been conditioned to dread - when the reality is that we all create and work so much more effectively when we're in a calm and happy state.

Remember that Mondays are Fine - maybe even better than fine, if you let them be - and they might just become your favourite day of the week.