1. Did you just work through the weekend? Here's some advice on how to not do that. ('Frontloading' your week is a particularly effective method - more on that here).

2. An INCREDIBLE resource for freelance writers trying to figure out if they're being screwed, or if editorial really does pay that poorly (Spoiler alert: It does) -WhoPaysWriters.com, a directory of paystub-verified word rates from publications around the world.

3. Already feeling overwhelmed by the week ahead? Five is the magic number.Check out James Altucher's simple but compelling case for streamlining your friends, thoughts, and 'food'.

4. I spent Saturday morning in the company of some of The WW Club's amazing official members at the cutest Group Hang at S, T Coffee. If you're Brooklyn-based and looking for a beautiful space to work from, I can't think of anywhere nicer. (Added bonus: it's at the front of my friend Kai's boutiqueSincerely, Tommy, so you can upgrade your winter wardrobe at the same time.)

5.  At number five, another case for the number five: Warren Buffett's goal setting method, which involves listing 25 things you want to do with your life -and then totally dropping all but the top five items on the list.

6. If the cooler weather has inspired you to get back into the kitchen, The Guardian's 'Modern Cook' series has lots of healthy, vegetable-based dishes to start you off. Here's a delicious recipe for an Autumn Bowl. Seasonal.

7. Some helpful tips from The New York Times on handling a toxic co-worker. We've all been there.

8. There are so many great online learning sites out there now. LinkedIn's Lynda offers a ten day free trial on thousands of videos. Why not subscribe for the trial and put yourself through an intensive marketing or software bootcamp?! Just an idea...

9. Cover letters - still relevant, apparently. Here's how to write a good one.

10. A reading list for the young feminist in your life. Recommendations for badass girls of all ages.