One Thing That Works is a series of tried-and-tested tips that have helped me in my daily working life. They're not the big-thinking, life-changing overhauls that can change the direction of your career, but rather the little tricks and rituals that I return to when I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck: things that work for me, and that I hope will work for you, too. 

The Working Women's Club - The Digital Moodboard

Let's be honest: spending hours making a traditional moodboard using stacks of magazines, pins, and a corkboard is a bit more effort than most of us are willing to put in. Who still has stacks of inspiring fashion magazines that they want to rip up, for a start? Who has a corkboard? Who has time?! Not me, not me, and not me. This is why I favour the 'digital moodboard', made using nothing more than a punch of saved Pins (TIMELY PLUG: Follow The WW Club on Pinterest!), the excellent and free Google Drawings, and a spare ten minutes or less.

How It Works

Every few months I'll pull together a load of files that channel my current vibe, arrange them prettily in the Google Drawing doc, and save the image as my laptop desktop background to keep me inspired as I work. Effective, and environmentally friendly. Win, win.

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