A few months back I wrote a post of ideas on how to switch up the way that you work, in homage to former Harper's BAZAAR editor Diana Vreeland's famous column Why Don't You... In honour of the new working year that's upon us, I'd thought I'd do a little re-up of the format. Happy 2016, everyone!


Choose a theme song - ideally with v. glossy accompanying video - to accompany you as you 'enter the ring' (aka get ready for work, or walk to your office) every day? 

Strip back your insane to-do list to a 'rolling list' of just the most important five things that come to mind? Nothing more, nothing less. (More on this)

Skip the punishing January workout regime and instigate a lunchtime walking/inspiration practice instead? 30 minutes. No phone usage. Maybe some music. A nice dose of fresh air to help you avoid the dreaded 4pm slump.

Curb your coffee habit by making 2016 the year you get into tea, instead? Parisian mate brand Cha Iracema is a beautiful place to start.

Make something just because. Rookie's creative prompts are a good starting point.

Read something that stretches you beyond your literary comfort zone. Try philosophy, a short story, or even a comic book. 

Invest in some luxe work-at-home wear. If you're a freelancer, chances are you're going to spend most of January working from the comfort and warmth of your dining room table - but you don't have to do it your pajamas. I like these silky sarong trousers from Zara, these knitted culottes from Whistles (will be good with a white cami in spring) and these skinny sweatpants by ASOS White.

Push through hump day, share your work, and stay connected in the cold winter months by uploading a #WWWednesday [Working Women Wednesday] snap of your latest project, office set-up, artistic inspo, or career heroine? Don't forget to tag us so we can share on your behalf!