The WW Club is One!

Today, The WW Club turns one. 

                 The launch of The WW Club - a pop-up cowork and event space in downtown L.A, opened on January 28th 2015. 

                The launch of The WW Club - a pop-up cowork and event space in downtown L.A, opened on January 28th 2015. 

365 days ago, I woke up at my then-home in L.A. (or rather, got out of bed; no sleep had taken place for several nights at that point...) loaded up my car with boxes of Sqirl pastries and jam for our Power Breakfast launch (thank you, Jessica) and made my way to downtown L.A. to open the doors of The WW Club for the very first time. Over the previous ten days, the site had been transformed (with the help of Adi Goodrich and her amazing team) from a bare-bones concrete basement to a pastel pink wonderland, complete with custom-made desks and lamps, a library of locally-published books and zines - including my own Handbook - and free wifi and coffee for anyone who wanted to come down to work there. I wasn't sure if anyone would. Thankfully, I was wrong.

The original pop-up that launched The WW Club was open for just five short days, and they passed in a blur of work sessions, panel conversations, art shows, and endless inspiring encounters with women from all over L.A. When it was time for the space to close, I emerged from that basement in the happiest daze; a high that I can only liken to falling in love. This nutty idea I'd spent the previous two months trying to bring to life (frequently questioning my sanity in the process) had suddenly crystallised into a real-life community; the kind I'd been seeking the whole time I'd been living in L.A. - and actually, long before it.

The twelve months since have been a whirlwind of events, dinners, workshops, and mentor sessions: in L.A., in my hometown of London, and in my new home here in New York. I've explained a thousand times that I never launched The WW Club with any business strategy in place: I just wanted to create a cool space for creative, ambitious women to come together, and that's still very much my goal (albeit with some slightly more structured growth plans in place!) I've got a few really exciting things in the works for the next twelve months, and I can't wait to share them with you in the very near future. In the meantime, here's a sentimental showreel featuring some of the highlights from The WW Club's year gone by. Thank you for all your support so far. Happy birthday to us all!