Just in case you missed the memo, The WW Club has a podcast now! I've been obsessed with podcasts for far longer than it has been socially acceptable to admit such a thing, so it's a delight to finally have one of my own. I'm really excited to record and release lots of episodes in future - please subscribe and rate on iTunes and follow us on Soundcloud to stay in the loop. 

I'll have another episode ready for you very soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd share some of the podcasts I currently have on rotation. Any of these would be perfect for hibernating over a freezing cold weekend like the one we're having in New York. Happy listening!

(This is actually a requested post from The WW Club reader, Mel - hi Mel! - if you have any topics you'd like covered, please send me a signal via the comments box below).


Fantastic live conversations between writers and luminaries who span the worlds of literature, fashion, art, music, and sport. This conversation between Mike Tyson and NYPL's Paul Holdengraber kinda changed my life.


An interview series with longform writers and novelists, who discusses their writing processes, career evolutions, and inspirations. Fascinating if you write for a living, and pretty interesting even if you don't. I loved this episode with the incredible Gay Talese.


Ann Friedman is a longtime friend and supporter of The WW Club (I interviewed her for The Handbook For Women Who Do Creative Work and she also spoke at our L.A. event back in March). I've loved listening to the evolution of Call Your Girlfriend with Ann's 'long-distance bestie' Aminatou Sow, which covers everything from the Presidential election to 'period panty hacks'. We all need 'em.


Quite possibly the best radio show concept (and ergo podcast) of all time? If you're not familiar with the concept: One high-profile 'castaway' shares the seven discs they'd take with to a desert island, and tells the story of his or her life in the process. There have only been four hosts in the show's 73-year history, and I hope current presenter Kirsty Young stays in the interview chair for many more. I have too many favourite episodes to mention, but the one with Zadie Smith is a great place to start.


This podcast tracks the story of what it's like to get a real business off the ground in New York (very relevant to my interests right now, for obvious reasons). Wildly popular and now on its second season - the first was about the launch of StartUp's podcast platform itself, so meta - each episode of StartUp is a helpful reminder that every entrepreneur faces the same highs, lows, and WTF moments.