I'm writing from my dining room table in a rather freezing NYC (current temp: -3 degrees Celsius, or 26 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends) and I have to confess I haven't moved far from here this year. Working from home in winter is both a gift and a curse - more on how combat its negative effects over here - but not having to get dressed for the bitter cold in the mornings undoubtedly falls in the former category.

Having said that, I do think it's crucial to combat the S.A.D.-inducing effects of these bleak months by continuing to make an effort with your personal appearance. Although it's tempting to just drag my duvet from my bed to my desk and leave it at that, I know first-hand that being too lazy to get dressed properly generally puts you in a lazy frame of mind when it comes to work, too. These days, I'm all about loungewear-minus-the-lounging - the following pieces straddle the line perfectly.

This ribbed jumper dress from ASOS is made from a silk-cashmere blend. Cosy and classy. I like.

Uniqlo Heat Tech is a blessing to the Northern Hempishere-dwelling human race. I have these formfitting turtlenecks in about five colours.

Who says you shouldn't wear a ribbed cashmere scarf at home? Not me. And thankfully, not & Other Stories either.

These navy satin trousers from Topshop have 'pyjama' in their product name. Say no more.

A silk shirt is a sexy wardrobe upgrade at any time of year - this Whistles number will see you into spring, summer, and beyond.

This 'rosy velour' bodysuit from Base Range looks like just the ticket for days when a bra seems like a bit too much effort. Don't pretend you don't have them.

Winter is depressing. Your socks needn't be.

If you think I haven't been surgically attached to my slippers for the past three months, you're wrong.