I come bearing good news: The WW Club finally has a dedicated podcast! I've been posting my panel discussions online for a while now, but this is the first (and by no means last) time that I've recorded a dedicated interview.

The first Working Woman to be profiled is 25-year-old Serena Guen. Serena is the founder and CEO of Suitcase - a London-based travel and fashion magazine that is now on its thirteenth print issue. Needless to say, Serena has some career wisdom beyond her years to impart, and she was gracious to sit down with me to share some gems on her recent trip to New York.

Listen on to hear:

- How Serena first came up for the idea for Suitcase, and how it differs from other travel magazines on the market.

- How exactly she funded the first issue.

- Why she transitioned from Editor-in-Chief to CEO (and what the distinction even means).

- Her big-picture vision for Suitcase, the brand - and how she organises her daily routine so she can bring it to life.

- Serena's personal definition of success.