One of the many, many fantastic things about running The WW Club is the fact that I'm now privy to all sorts of tips, tricks, and words of wisdom from the community of amazing women that I get to engage with every day. It seemed counter to the spirit of the Club to keep all these insights to myself, which is why I'm launching #HOWIMAKEITWORK - a new format where I share your work-enhancing websites, professional tools, favourite online stores, secret coffee shops with great wifi etc, etc... - all in the interests of the greater good.

If you'd like to share a tip with The WW Club, please email makingitwork@thewwclub.com with #HOWIMAKEITWORK in the subject line and just a few short lines of explanation on how your pick helps you to make it work (plus a pic of either yourself or said work tool in action). Or, you can do the same thing on Instagram, and tag us so we can see your post. Best of the best will make it to the site in due course.

First up: a gem from a gemologist (sorry, couldn't help myself) - my LA-based friend Zenobia Morrow, who emailed me this week to share a fantastic online resource that she thought I should know about. I'm glad I do!

I'm loving Skillshare, a friend put me on and I'm obsessed. The site is touted as a "global learning community for creators" where you can select from a number of categories and hundreds of 'micro classes.' Each class consists of a series of short videos that break down a new skill without the major time commitment of most online courses. I love the variation in categories and easy navigation. It encourages me to explore new creative territories and supports my conceptual interests with tangible projects - so far I've watched everything from 'Personal Brand Manifesto: Who You Think You Are' to 'How To Give a Great Foot Massage.'