One Thing That Works is a series of tried-and-tested tips that have helped me in my daily working life. They're not the big-thinking, life-changing overhauls that can change the direction of your career, but rather the little tricks and rituals that I return to when I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck: things that work for me, and that I hope will work for you, too. 

Personal finance is an area of weakness for me, and one that I'm very much I'm determined to improve. No point hustling to make more money if you don't know how to spend and save it, right? As I begin the slow learning curve towards financial literacy - here's a great starter article on investment for 'Millennials', by the way - I'm relying on technology that makes money seem simple. Simpler. Simple-ish.

One thing that helps me a lot is Mint: a money management app that pulls all your accounts into one place so you can see exactly where your hard-earned cash is going. Your spending is split into categories, so you can easily evaluate where you need to rein it in (*cough-Uber-cough*) before things get really dire. You can also set saving goals, bill reminders, and email alerts that notify you when you're veering way out of your budget. Helpful stuff, although annoyingly it's only available for bank accounts in the US and Canada. Fellow Brits, try the highly-rated On Trees.