The things, people, and places that are making life (and work) better this week.


After three years of living in LA, I'm excited to be in a place where I get to experience seasonal transition again. Namely because autumn = a chance to wear coats. What is it about a really great coat that just makes you feel like a woman who has her shit together? See also: a crisp white shirt, early morning yoga, that first cup of coffee, a fresh manicure, clean hair, eight hours' sleep, a brand new notebook and pen, etc.

Coat above via And Other Stories.


 Image via OKREAL.

Image via OKREAL.

I first met Naomi on International Women's Day of this year (listen back to the rather chaotic Know Wave show we recorded on that freezing March day, along with the glorious Paloma Elsesser) which, now I come to think about it, could not have been a more perfect occasion. Naomi and I share a nomadic spirit, a love of food, and a whole load of mutual friends, but I can't pretend to be anywhere near as evolved and wise as she is when it comes to body confidence and positive self-image. Working on it, Naomi! Interviews like this one, from the excellent OKREAL) always help. 


Maybe it's the perfect Indian Summer that the city is having. Maybe it's the excitement of all the projects I'm working on (namely, a series of events at Nike Women's amazing 45 Grand space - on which, more soon). Maybe it's the joy of 24 hour bodegas, bars that stay open till 5am, bumping into friends on every third block, or  the pleasurable leg and brain ache that comes with walking 6 miles and doing 87 things in a day. It's hard to know exactly why I've fallen back in love with NY. Or maybe it's not hard at all. 

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