September feels like the time to try something new - a chance to reset after the hedonism of summer (more thoughts on this here), and implement new habits that will help you see out the year on a positive note. In an ode to Diana Vreeland's famous and fabulous advice column - albeit in a rather less extravagant vein - why don't you...


Schedule a (Free) Therapy Session

Contact a fellow freelancer or trusted colleague and schedule a weekly work check-in. She/he gets to use you as a soundboard for her dilemmas for 30 minutes, then you get to do the same. Problem shared = problem halved...and maybe even solved.

Experiment with a Different Time Schedule

If you're self-employed and usually work 10am-6pmish, why not try changing your hours from 8am-4pm? Or 12pm-8pm? Maybe taking off Wednesday, but always working Sundays? Smash the institutional status quo, woman! Your time is no-one's but your own.


Devote a day to all the kinds of work you can do without your 'device' - writing, strategising, brainstorming, moodboarding. See how you feel by the end of it. 

Start a new morning ritual.

I love the hopefulness of the early morning - nothing has gone to shit yet, and you've still got the possibility of having a really excellent day. Tap into that good energy by developing a new ritual to start your working day - ideally one that feels a little bit indulgent, and has nothing to do with your actual work. (Ideas: Read five pages of a novel in bed. Call a friend before you check your work email. Practice Morning Pages.)

Create a cultural calendar.

Your iCal shouldn't just be used to schedule conference calls! Use a local city guide to plan one cultural pursuit for every week of the next month: Time Out still delivers with a comprehensive overview of goings-on in most major cities. Cherrypick whichever exhibitions and shows seem interesting, and schedule them as you would a meeting.

Make An Vreeland-Esque Moodboard

Cover a big cork bulletin board in bright pink felt banded with bamboo, and pin with colored thumb-tacks all your various enthusiasms as your life varies from week to week? (Source)

Because, well, why not?

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