Somehow, half the year is done. WhoWhatWhenWhereHow?! Midsummer doesn't seem like the most obvious time to be sitting down for a career review (too much rose to drink; too many rooftops to climb onto) but this might be a good time to do just that. The summer solstice is a cause of celebration in countries across the Northern Hemisphere, where it has long been identified as a sacred time of year. Whether you acknowledge its spiritual significance or not, the longest day in the calendar can be a helpful benchmark when thinking about your own development in 2015.

I'm a big believer in setting goals from a relaxed and positive frame of mind. Plotting and planning when you're (hopefully!) feeling your best, most joyful 'summer self', means you're more likely to identify aspirational life and work goals, rather than just trying to fix all the bits you don't like.  I've got a few days of proper holiday time coming up in mid-July, and I'm really looking forward to sitting on a beach with a notepad and pen, having a calm look back on 2015 thus far. If you've got some time to do the same (and a park bench works just as well as a beach) then feel free to borrow the pointers below for the purposes of your own mid-year review...

Happy summer to you all!

What did you say you were going to 2015? Which of those goals have you made happen? Which are you happy to disregard? (There's nothing wrong with letting go of goals that don't serve your present self, FYI!)

What are you proud of achieving this year? List all your personal and professional successes - it will put you in a good mood and bolster your confidence.

What has been the best thing you've worked on in 2015? How can you ensure that you do more of this work moving forward?

When did you feel most inspired this year? How can you cultivate more of that inspiration in your life?

What have you learnt this year? What new skills do you want to acquire before the year is up?

What have you learnt about yourself this year? How can you apply that to your life and work?

What areas of your life do you want to focus on for the rest of the year? Perhaps you've made major progress with a health-related goal, and now it's time to refocus on your creative projects?

Imagine it's the last day of 2015. What do you want to have achieved? Go make that thing happen!