Overdid it at the office Christmas party? (Some notes on dealing with those here.) Or indeed any party? Here are some quick tips for making it through the working day in a dignified and presentable fashion. Don't worry, you can crawl back under your duvet in T minus 8 hours...

Water, Water, Water

So obvious, so worth remembering (and implementing): When you're hungover, water is your medicine. Drink a litre of warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing, and supplement throughout the day with fresh mint tea, fresh ginger tea, chamomile tea... Basically, anything that will restore your body to its previous levels of hydration. Coconut water is also great for replenishing lost electrolytes.

Start with Skin

If you've succumbed to a night of heavy drinking, chances are that your face isn't looking too great. Spend a little bit of extra time cleansing and toning, and incorporate some facial massage into your moisturising regime. Don't forget to finish up with under-eye cream - anything de-puffing and soothing is your friend. Try this! (And if you have a spare ten minutes, a face mask is never a bad idea. Give the aptly-named 'Rosy Cheeks' by Lush a go.)

Make Up to Wake Up

It's tempting to cake on the make-up when you want to look better than you feel, but less is always more. Some tinted moisturiser, mascara, blusher, and a heavy-duty concealer - this one by NARS is my longtime favourite - are probably all you need. Add a swipe of something illuminating to seal the deal; everyone I know is obsessed with this all-natural product by RMS.

Walk To Work

This might sound like an unbearable idea, but gentle exercise is truly the best cure for a hangover. (Take it from someone who knows...) Even a 15 minute walk will freshen your mind, revive your dull skin, and help you to shake off the shakes before you settle in for a long day at your desk. 

Comfort Foods are Your Friend

A lot of people are repulsed by the thought of food after a heavy night, but your exhausted, dehydrated body is crying out for sustenance. Go for something gentle but filling - a bowl of porridge with almond butter, sourdough toast with avocado, or any of these easy, workday breakfasts.

Keep It Cosy

If you're dragging yourself away from the comfort of your warm bed, you need to be wearing an outfit that mimics the effects of being enveloped in a duvet, all day long. Skip restrictive clothing in favour of these smart, bodyshaping leggings and a long, cosy cardigan on top. When you're comfortable, you'll be less likely to display the #innerstruggle to your colleagues on that agonising conference call.

Brush Yo Teef!

For me, there's no quicker way to feel refreshed than by escaping to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth. If I can't do that then I'll resort to mouthwash, but one thing I've realised is that gum does not cut it. Treat yo self with this beautiful bottle by Marvis (you can always refill it with a cheap, pharmacy own-brand when it's done).

Mist, and Mist Again

When the afternoon slump truly hits you, a quick face mist will bring you back to life. Keep it simple with this Rosewater Spray by Heritage Stores or luxe it up with the fashion editor's favourite Beauty Elixir by Caudalie.

Good luck!