There are so many professional goal-setting methods floating around the internet that it sometimes feels hard to even pick one, let alone achieve clarity on your plan for the next twelve months. As with all things in life I think it's best to keep it simple where possible, which is why I've created this super-straightforward little worksheet (see what I did there) to get you thinking about your career in 2016.

It's all too easy to lose sight of the big picture while you try to live day to day, so I'd recommend printing this out, filling it out using the notes below, and pinning it on your desk/inside your wardrobe/on the fridge. Hope it helps!

worksheet (1).jpg


The Big Idea

This is where you summarise your overarching vision for 2016. It could be an ambitious goal, a big personal shift, or just one word that encapsulates how you want to feel about life next year. It should succinctly sum up what you want the next twelve months to be about.

Make It Happen

This is where you list the tangible things you want to achieve with your work in 2016. I've included 12 spaces here - that might seem overly ambitious, but they don't all have to be huge plans. I really like this Guardian article about achieving your new year's resolutions by breaking them down into manageable chunks, to be tackled one month at a time. 12 points = 12 months = 12 chances to try something new or creative in your professional life.

My Ideal Working Day

Whether you work in an office or for yourself, it's so crucial to feel in control of your life and time. Often we fall into routines that have long ceased to provide joy or inspiration, without really evaluating why or how we got there. Envision what your ideal working today would look like from 8am - 7pm and do your best to enact it as often as possible.

Stay Inspired

My recent move to New York has galvanised me to reengage with culture (museums, screenings, books) after a long stint of internet bingeing and iPhone scrolling in my free time. The difference to my mood, creative inspiration, and all-round sense of wellbeing has been immense. This part of the worksheet is a place to list the tried-and-tested people, places, and spaces that will help you stay inspired, as a reminder to check in with them regularly.


'If it ain't about the money...' 

No, but seriously. How are you gonna make paper in 2016? Review your biggest revenue streams, and focus on developing the ones you enjoy the most. Maybe add a couple of side hustles - they don't have to be full-time careers, but a little extra pocket money never hurt anyone.

Self-Care Check List

Self-care: surely the personal development buzz term of 2015? Personally, I'm OK with that. It's a good concept, and one I try to implement more and more - hence why I've included it on the worksheet. This section is where you should list the five things that keep you alive and thriving (whether that's biweekly yoga or daily reading sessions) and commit to incorporating them into your working routine.

Room For Improvement

We've all got some wiggle room here. How are you going to hone your craft in 2016? How are you going to develop your mind? Never not learning is my motto for the next year. What's yours?

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