One Thing That Works is a series of tried-and-tested tips that have helped me in my daily working life. They're not the big-thinking, life-changing overhauls that can change the direction of your career, but rather the little tricks and rituals that I return to when I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck: things that work for me, and that I hope will work for you, too. 

My iPhone addiction is a problem. A real one. I'm guessing yours likely is, too. Having reached the end of way too many days feeling like I'd wasted hours upon hours scrolling, Googling, reading listicles, and generally being disengaged from real life, I recently decided to take action. The first step: downloading Moment, a genius iOS app that tracks how long you spend on your phone each day.

The app isn't perfect - it totally drains your battery, for a start - but my God, is it a reality check. Seeing a concrete number on the amount of time you've wasted in the past 24 hours is terrifying enough to make you think twice about tapping in your passcode to refresh your feed again. My goal is to reduce my usage to an hour or less each day (that still sounds like a lot, but I'm always on the move and use my phone for work frequently). I'll let you know how I get on.