There are so many reasons to rate Canadian singer-producer Grimes, and not least because she named herself after the UK music genre (and sound of my youth!). I’m always impressed by how Grimes - government name Claire Boucher - comes across in interviews, so I thought a Words of Wisdom post was in order. Be sure to check out her latest album, Art Angels - it’s pretty great, and she wrote and produced the entire thing alone. As grimeheads would say: Brrrrrrap!


“It’s important to be cognisant of making sure that you eat every day, and eat enough food, and sleep at night. [Remembering to take care of myself] sounds really basic, but for me, it’s not basic.” 
"Stop working when you’re tired—but don’t get lazy….Schedules are amazing: eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep. The other eight hours are fair game. (I have not mastered this one, but when I can get it going I’m a lot more productive.)"
“I don't want my words to be taken out of context. I don't want to be infantilised because I refuse to be sexualised... I'm tired of the weird insistence that I need a band or I need to work with outside producers...I'm tired of being considered vapid for liking pop music or caring about fashion, as if these things inherently lack substance.”
"Really, the most important thing is eliminating self-doubt. This is basically impossible for me, but I’ve found that if I act like a boss, I can convince myself that I am a boss when I need to be one. I copy things that I’ve seen politicians and actors do; I make eye contact with people; I try to keep my shoulders back and my head high; I gesticulate wildly and sometimes take long pauses (silence can be very intimidating). I try to act like I’m powerful, onstage and off. I am often treated with disrespect, but I respond as respectfully as I can, because it makes trolls look stupid when you don’t stumble. As time has gone by, I’ve noticed that the crappy people have been phasing out and I’m surrounded more and more by people I trust, and with whom I share mutual respect—which, by the way, breeds real confidence."
"I don’t wanna go out and sell my soul, my body, my peace of mind.”
"The thing that I hate about the music industry is all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Grimes is a female musician’ and ‘Grimes has a girly voice.’ It’s like, yeah, but I’m a producer and I spend all day looking at fucking graphs and EQs and doing really technical work.”
"You will never hear more people tell you that you’re wrong than when you’re succeeding….People are judgmental about everything—often because they feel threatened. Ignore them. I think this applies to any business or creative thing, because tomorrow’s world will not look like today’s. Doing something different is probably better than doing the same things that other people do."
“People keep trying to be like, ‘We’re trying to pin down the Grimes style.’ If you haven’t realised by now, you’re never going to be able to.”