A few of my favourite nuggets from the past four weeks.


"If you take anything away from tonight, it’s: say yes. Sometimes it works out! And you can say no later…" Kerry Diamond, Co-Founder of Cherry Bombe
"Whatever you’re doing, do it really well and it will lead to other things. If you work really hard, you make your own luck." Claudia Wu, Co-Founder of Cherry Bombe
If you’re struggling to find focus, I think it’s really important to have some sort of consistency with your practice; sticking with it and trusting that it will lead you somewhere." Krissy Jones, Co-Founder at Sky Ting Yoga


“I love the idea of energy in a very literal sense - as I’ve gotten older, I need to practice a lot of self-care in order to stay energised. I make time for spiritual reflection, and exercise is obviously a huge thing.” Jen Brill, Founder at Jen Brill Studio
“For us, staying energised is all about using the city to our advantage, exploring, and giving ourselves something to look forward to at the end of each day.” Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, Yes Way Rose
For me, energy comes from people [at games]. Everytime, the energy in the building really amazes me.” Jewell Loyd, WNBA Player
“At work, I have nervous energy on a shoot day when all the planning finally comes together, and then that excited energy I get when we put a dumb joke on Instagram and people get it and start tagging their friends, and we just feel that connection to them.” Annie Kreighbaum, Editorial Director at Glossier


“You need to learn the base skills for whatever career you want, in the best environment possible.” Ivsheen Anand, Open Sponsorship Founder
"As much as I don’t know what the future looks like, I know that if I close my eyes I’ll still get there. There’s something really guiding about following your own intuition.” Piera Gelardi, Co-Founder at Refinery29
"For me, the only long term goal is to get better at my craft." Lotta Nieminen
Keep your eyes open and surround yourself with people who are current. You can’t move forward unless you stay in the moment.” Diane Brown, Founder at RxArt


“Stay aware of yourself and your surroundings. If you get too tunnel-visioned you’re going to lose track of everything.” Brittany Asch, Floral Designer
"It's very key to mentor. I work with a lot of 20-something women and I do a lot of mentoring, and it's both sad and exciting when they leave you for another museum...But I think it's definitely a sign of doing something right." Karen Wong, Deputy Director at New Museum
"Hearing what our customers have to say about how our products positively impact their lives...that to me is a defining moment that is very rewarding." Lauren Hoffman, Founder at Onomie
 “I get a lot of fuel and energy from the people I work with. Asking my team how I can help is a really nice practice that lets me stay connected, and also helps me to focus my energy and time.” Julie Igarashi, Nike Women