The world of work is different for everyone - we want to know how it's working for you.

If you have a think piece, how-to, interview, or firsthand account of your own experiences with work, we want to share it. No topic is off limits, but please try to adhere to the general guidelines below. You can also spend a few hours perusing our blog for an idea of the types of stories we tell, and the style in which we tell them. 

A Few Guidelines

- Our primary focus is on WORK: New ways of thinking about, planning, and thriving in your professional life. We want to hear stories about how you've reached your 'happy place' in your career, sorted out your finances, and overcome any obstacles in your path.

- We understand that work is just one part of a happy life, so we're interested in stuff that's not directly related to careers, too (wellbeing, travel, parenting, style and beauty, etc.)

- You don't have to be working in a creative industry to submit your experiences or advice. We want stories from across the board!

- You don't have to be a 'writer', per se. 

- If you're working in an unusual context, industry, location, or profession; all the better.

- We love and celebrate women, but we welcome stories from/relating to men, too!

- Please submit stories that are minimum 300 words, maximum 1000 words.

- Unfortunately we can't reply to stories that aren't the right fit for us. Successful submissions will be remunerated! 


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