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Last month I wrote about my love for digital moodboards and so this month I thought I'd share the one that I have saved as my computer desktop as I type. Hope you like this little insight into some of the things I'm thinking about/working on/channeling right now.... 

Clockwise from Left

Pastel layers by Vetements to combat the February cold / It's the second month of the year already, WTF?! Let's make it count. / On that note - I might just have to make an escape to Miami / It's all about staying cosy at this time of year, I just invested in new bedsheets and thick cream bed socks. You already know about my love of slippers / Feeling like a New York Woman for real / Sheepskin layers so essential, and a dose of attitude is the best accessory / Sincerely, Tommy - an endlessly inspiring space, where I'll be hosting a live podcast recording with owner Kai Avent-deLeon this Saturday. Come through! / Daria 4eva / Bella's boots, though! / The WW Club is planning some travels... / Including, maybe an event in a room like this one. Watch this space....