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1. In case you missed the memo: we’re heading back to L.A. for a couple of Work Parties (and maybe some party parties, too…) Venice is sold-out but there are still a couple of tickets left for our Hollywood session with Adi Goodrich, the set designer extraordinaire behind The WW Club’s first ever space (see above)Get yours here! 

2. Last week was Equal Pay Day and Tamara Mellon (founder of Jimmy Choo) marked the occasion with a strong piece for Forbes on what she did when she found out she was earning less than her male employees. (Thanks to Ala for sharing.)

3. “There’s a painful distance between the chipper narratives surrounding labor and success in America and the lived experience of workers.” A great piece on the perils of the gig economyvia The New Yorker (discovered through my lovely friend Anna Z Gray’s charming newsletter, to which you should also subscribe).

4. I can’t wait to read Durga Chew-Bose’s essay collection Too Much and Not The Mood, which comes out tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m pondering her thoughtful Q&A on Hazlitt and revisiting her Recommended Reading List from 2015 from The WW Club blog.

5. An introduction to the extremely talented (but often ignored) Women of the Bauhaus School.

6. Whatever your opinion is on Lena Dunham’s Girls, it’s almost certain that you have one. As the controversial show reaches its finale, here’s an article that gives a BTS insight into its inception and development.

7. If you’re a long-term thinker, you might enjoy this easily-digestible breakdown offive key trends (and we’re not talking nail art styles, here) that will affect us over the course of the next decade, via Man Repeller.

8. I’m greatly enjoying Joan Juliet Buck’s The Price of Illusion, which documents her fabulous career as a writer, essayist, and former editor of Vogue Paris. The writing is wonderful and the name-drops are juicy. Another recommended read (especially if you’re lucky enough to be heading off on a beach break sometime soon).

9.  If you’re desperate to harness the energy of the new season but still feeling stuck in your tired winter ways, Anya Hindmarch’s career advice to “fire yourself every night” in the latest Lenny letter might help you breakthrough the fug.

10.  Last but not least: don’t forget to lock into our livestreamed mentor sessions withShelley Kleyn Armistead (April 13) and Adi Goodrich (April 19) at 10.30am PST on ourFacebook page - and send in your questions while you watch!

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1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
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1. The bad news: Work Party Venice with Shelley Kleyn Armistead is booked outThe good news: Work Party Hollywood with Adi Goodrich is happening just one week later! Adi is an incredible set designer, photographer, and the woman behind The WW Club’s original pop-up space in downtown LA in January 2015. I’m so excited to be reuniting with her - I hope you can join us.Tickets available here.

2. If you can’t make it to either session, fret not: We’ll be livestreaming both guest mentor interviews on The WW Club Facebook page at 10.30am PST. Lock in and submit your questions for some real-time answers.

3. It’s a new month, and a new quarter. Yikes. If you’re feeling a little bit directionless, the Q You Worksheet Pack should help. This is an abridged version of the Make It Work pack, formatted to help you review the months gone by, and set clear goals for the ones ahead.

4. A (very tongue-in-cheek, obviously) Guide For Brands That Have Recently Discovered Womenvia McSweeney’s.

5. Random but relevant: Bloodshot peepers might be an occupational hazard when you stare at a Macbook all day, every day, but they’re definitely never a good look. Co-sign on this eye drop recommendation. 

6. Rework is the best business book I’ve bought in ages. Clear, concise, inspiring. Just what you want from this type of read.

7. I mentioned last week that I just returned from Mexico City, where I had the pleasure of hanging with Suzzan Atala, the founder of Tuza Jewelry. Pay a visit to her new store in Roma, or cop a piece from her gorgeous brand online - this gold-plated vagina necklace seems like good place to start browsing.

8. I also spent some of my time in Mexico with Rachel Howe, the Brooklyn-based  illustrator and tattoo artist behind this beautiful tarot deck and accompanying guidebookA perfect gift, and a great way to support an independent, woman-run biz.

9. Writer Cheryl Strayed tells us how to be Creative Like a M*therfucker. 

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1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
W O R K I N G  W E E K

  1. Los Angelenos! We’re heading back to Cali. The next installment of WORK PARTY takes place at the most beautiful Breather space in Venice and our guest mentor is the phenomenal Shelley Kleyn Armistead - a powerhouse partner at Gjelina Group (yes, that Gjelina and that Gjusta). Tickets are extremely limited, so get yours, like, now.

  2. L.A. Eastsiders, fret not: There will also be a Hollywood WORK PARTY in this lovely place the week after. Details and ticket info TBA ASAP - stay tuned to the ‘gram for more info.

  3. I just got back from Mexico City and it was life-changing. Among many incredible moments, I was especially moved by my visit to Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Coyoacan, which she shared with her painter husband Diego Rivera. Despite having an incredibly tumultuous relationship, the evidence of their love and mutual admiration in the house was so inspiring. #RelationshipGoals for real.

  4. A motivating profile of Kristen Greer, the venture capitalist who started her own fund in 2012 despite having never worked for one before, and went on to invest in Dollar Shave Club and, alongside other insanely profitable businesses.

  5. I’ve written a lot about how I don’t really subscribe to January 1 as the start of the ‘new year’ - it makes way more sense to me to hit reset with the first day of spring. If you missed the spring equinox last Monday, fret not: today is a New Moon in Aries aka the start of the lunar calendar, which is perfect for setting fresh intentions. Here’s how to harness its energy to best effect.

  6. Currently reading: ‘Future Sex: A New Kind of Free Love’ by Emily Witt, which documents the author’s exploration of various 21st Century sex subcultures. 

  7. This piece on the Long Slow Death of the Alpha Male might be my favourite thing Dolly Alderton has ever written (and I love most thing she writes, so that’s saying something).

  8. Angela Davis in conversation at the Women of the World Festival in London the other week. Say no more(Via The WW Club member Portia Barnett-Herrin - thank you Portia!)

  9. Congratulations to our friends Chi-San and Natali of The Pressery on their new book A Simple Table: Recipes & Rituals for a Life in Balance. I can’t wait to get my copy. (Alas, it doesn’t seem to be available to US customers but you can always listen to our live conversation from an event I hosted in London last summer for loads of useful food and drink-focused biz advice).

  10. How to turn your life wishes into reality - starting today.

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